Sandy Denny by Carla Fuchs and Sandy’s daughter. (2) creating a remarkable project

We first met Carla Fuchs on the pages of Salut! Live when she described the discovery and enjoyment of the music of the late Sandy Denny, arguably the most inspired female singer-songwriter Britain has produced. That article can be found here.

Now, as a companion to our report on the exciting Songbird project Carla describes how she and Sandy’s daughter, Georgia Rose Lucas, a highly gifted artist, collaborated to put lyrics composed by Sandy, but unfinished before her untimely death at just 31 in 1978, wben her daughter was still a baby of nine months, new music.

Georgia, who lives in her also deceased dad Trevor’s native Australia, and Carla , who is German, have been wandering around Britain to raise awareness of  their valuable work top preserve and enhance the legacy of a great woman.