At The Barrier reviews Carla Fuchs ‘Songbird’

Artful, intimate and sympathetic channelling of Sandy Denny’s lost lyrics by the wonderfully talented Carla Fuchs.

Back in 2010, when Phil Lloyd Smee – searching for inspiration for the artwork for the forthcoming complete Sandy Denny boxset – was browsing the notebooks that the great Sandy Denny had left behind, he discovered something very special indeed; the lyrics for a bunch of yet-to-be-completed songs. 

At the behest of Sandy’s estate, Thea Gilmore turned several of those incomplete works into songs for her 2011 collaboration album, Don’t Stop Singing. But that isn’t the full story – there was a whole tranche of lyrical work that didn’t make the Thea cut and, amongst the left-out material, there were some stunning works still in progress…

Fast forward to 2020 and the COVID pandemic.  Sandy’s daughter, Georgia, by then 43 years old and resident in Melbourne, Australia, was pondering over ways in which she could celebrate her mother’s incredible legacy.  Eventually, that quandary would be solved by a German singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist called Carla Fuchs.

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