Sandy can do no wrong…

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Karl Dallas - Melody Maker, 03 September 1973, (Published 08 September 1973) 8th September 1973

Sandy, from here on you can do no wrong as far as I am concerned. On Monday at London’s Howff you did what I’ve always known you could do. You gave a completely flawless performance in which every single song was a minor masterpiece – no, I withdraw that word minor – and you did it completely on your own.

It’s been nearly a year since we saw you properly, but it was well worth waiting for.

The emotion in your singing was almost unbearable at times, particularly in your very fine new song, ‘Solo’, with its poignant autobiographical theme, “ain’t life a solo”.

Indeed it is. But when you can carry an audience along with you this way you are actually less alone than when you used to pack the stage with friends to give you moral support.

Your encore, ‘Until The Real Thing Comes Along’, was superb, a quiet, gentle way of saying goodbye. Until the next concert tour comes along. Let it be soon.