Who Knows Where the Time Goes?

Who Knows Where the Time Goes?

Compiled and produced by Trevor Lucas and Joe Boyd.

This posthumous boxset collected together all sorts of material recorded by Sandy during her career. It included album versions, demos of previously released and unreleased songs, and live versions of tracks which had never been released or not heard since their original broadcast on the BBC. A couple of tracks listed as album versions were infact slightly different: Blackwaterside has Sandy’s acoustic guitar introduction, whereas the album version fades in. Also ‘For Shame of Doing Wrong’ was a slightly different mix to the version issued on Rendezvous.

The Island 4 LP set was packaged in a blue box that also contained a 20 page LP sized booklet with photos, track information and lyrics for most of the songs. The Hannibal 3 CD set was at first packaged in a green LP sized box and a booklet nearly identical to the one in the 4 LP set; the main difference is an additional introduction by Joe Boyd.

Later CD sets were packaged in a large jewel case with the same catalogue number and their booklet correctly identified ‘Late November’ as an alternate version instead of the El Pea version as claimed in the earlier releases.

Artists: Sandy Denny
Released: January 1986 (UK)
Recorded: 1977 / 1971 / 1972 / 1970 / 1976 / 1975 / 1974 / 1969 / 1967 / 1968 / 1973
Recorded at: A&M Studios, Los Angeles
Basing Street Studios, London
Home recording, Byfield
Island Studios, London
LA Troubadour, Los Angeles
Olympic Studios, London
Paris Theatre, London
Rotterdam Open-Air Festival, Rotterdam
Royalty Theatre, London
Sound Techniques, London
Sydney Opera House, Sydney
The Manor, Oxfordshire
Vanlose Bio, Copenhagen

Length: 177:13
Label: Island Records Ltd.
Producer: Joe Boyd
Sandy Denny
Richard Thompson
John Wood
Trevor Lucas
Glyn Johns
Gustav Winkler
Jerry Donahue
Jerry Boys
Fairport Convention

Executive Producer (Restoration): Trevor Wyatt
Arranger: Sandy Denny
Dave Swarbrick
Trevor Lucas

String Arrangement: Harry Robinson
Brass Arrangement: Bob Leaper
Recorded By: John Wood
Engineer: John Wood
Trevor Lucas
Glyn Johns
Ivar Rosenberg
Tod Lloyd
Jerry Boys

Assistant Engineer: Dave Jordan
Benny King

Mastering: Donal Whelan

All songs written by Sandy Denny except where noted.
Disc 1 – Side A

  1. The Lady (live) – 3:45
  2. Listen, Listen – 3:58
  3. Next Time Around – 4:26
  4. Farewell, Farewell (Richard Thompson) – 2:37
  5. The Music Weaver (demo) – 3:04
  6. Tomorrow Is a Long Time (Bob Dylan) – 3:56

Disc 1 – Side B

  1. The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood (take 4) (Richard FariƱa, Traditional) – 5:35
  2. The Pond and the Stream – 3:18
  3. One Way Donkey Ride – 3:34
  4. Take Away the Load (home demo) – 1:26
  5. One More Chance – 7:30

Disc 2 – Side A

  1. Bruton Town (live) (Traditional) – 4:45
  2. Blackwaterside (Traditional) – 4:07
  3. Tam Lin (Traditional) – 7:20
  4. Banks of the Nile (Traditional) – 8:09

Disc 2 – Side B

  1. Sail Away to the Sea (Dave Cousins) – 3:23
  2. Sweet Rosemary (demo 1) – 3:00
  3. Now and Then (demo) – 3:48
  4. Autopsy – 4:20
  5. It’ll Take a Long Time – 5:13

Disc 3 – Side A

  1. Two Weeks Last Summer (Joe Boyd mix) (Dave Cousins) – 3:35
  2. Late November (Joe Boyd mix) – 4:20
  3. Gypsy Davey (Joe Boyd mix) (Traditional) – 3:32
  4. Winter Winds – 2:10
  5. Nothing More (live) – 4:21
  6. Memphis Tennessee (live) (Chuck Berry) – 3:28

Disc 3 – Side B

  1. Walking the Floor over You (Ernest Tubb) – 4:18
  2. When Will I Be Loved? (Phil Everly) – 3:09
  3. Whispering Grass (Doris Fisher, Fred Fisher) – 3:56
  4. Friends – 3:31
  5. Solo (live) – 5:20
  6. After Halloween (demo) – 2:58

Disc 4 – Side A

  1. I Wish I Was a Fool for You (For Shame of Doing Wrong) (Richard Thompson) – 4:25
  2. Stranger to Himself – 2:53
  3. I’m a Dreamer – 4:45
  4. John the Gun (live) – 5:09
  5. Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (live) (Bob Dylan) – 4:16

Disc 4 – Side B

  1. By the Time It Gets Dark (home demo) – 3:14
  2. What Is True? (home demo) – 3:28
  3. The Sea – 5:32
  4. Full Moon – 4:30
  5. Who Knows Where the Times Goes? (live) – 7:09

Acker Bilk: clarinet
Bruce Rowland: drums
Clare Torry: backing vocals
Danny Thompson: double bass
Dave Cousins: backing vocals, guitar
Dave Mattacks: drums, brushes
Dave Pegg: bass, backing vocals
Dave Swarbrick: backing vocals, violin, dulcimer
Diz Disley: acoustic guitar
Gerry Conway: drums
Ian Armit: piano
Ian Whiteman: piano
Jerry Donahue: electric guitar, wah-wah pedal, guitar
John Bundrick: organ, piano
Kay Garner: backing vocals
Ken Gudmand: drums
Linda Thompson: backing vocals, vocals
Mike Rosen: trumpet
Pat Donaldson: bass
Pete Kleinow : pedal steel guitar
Richard Thompson: accordion, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin, guitar
Roger Bell: saxophone
Ron Chesterman: bass
Sandy Denny: acoustic guitar, vocals, 12-string, piano
Steve Winwood: organ, electric piano
Sue Glover: backing vocals
Sunny Leslie: backing vocals
Timi Donald: drums
Tony Hooper: backing vocals, guitar
Tony Reeves: bass
Trevor Lucas: acoustic guitar, backing vocals, electric guitar, rhythm guitar, 12-string