Whispering Grass

Whispering Grass

Sandy commented in the programme of her Japanese concert performance: “When I was young, my parents used to possess many of the old Ink Spots recordings, and this is one of my very favourites of these. I always promised myself that one day I would record it. So here it is!”

Artists: Sandy Denny
Released: November 1973 (Spain)
Recorded: 1973
Recorded at: A&M Studios, Los Angeles
Sound Techniques, London

Length: 7:27
Label: Island Records Ltd.
Producer: John Wood
Trevor Lucas

String Arrangement: Harry Robinson
Brass Arrangement: Bob Leaper
Engineer: John Wood
Trevor Lucas

Artwork: Gered Mankowitz (photographer)

Side A

  1. Whispering Grass (Doris Fisher, Fred Fisher) – 3:56

Side B

  1. Friends (Sandy Denny) – 3:31

Danny Thompson: double bass
Dave Mattacks: drums, brushes
Dave Pegg: bass
Diz Disley: acoustic guitar
Ian Armit: piano
Jerry Donahue: electric guitar, wah-wah pedal
Sandy Denny: vocals, piano
Trevor Lucas: acoustic guitar