Under Review: An Independent Critical Analysis

Under Review: An Independent Critical Analysis

Sandy Denny – Under Review is a documentary film reviewing Sandy’s music and career. The cover text describes her as arguably Britain’s finest ever female vocalist and songwriter, and continues: “Although Sandy Denny is revered deeply amongst fans of folk music and the’singer-songwriter’ genre, she has never received the universal acclaim so long overdue and so often heaped on those of far lesser talent. This program attempts to redress this imbalance and reveal why she remains such an inspiration to so many.”


  1. Extracts from musical performances of Sandy Denny, see track listing
  2. Interviews with and comment from musicians Martin Carthy, Gerry Conway, Dave Mattacks, John Renbourn, and Dave Swarbrick
  3. Reviews and comments from biographer Patrick Humphries, folk journalist Colin Irwin, and Uncut magazine editor, Nigel Williamson.

Artists: Sandy Denny
Released: 2006 (UK)
Label: Sexy Intellectual

The DVD contains extracts of these tracks primarily from the original albums, but also radio and TV programmes including brief video extracts from live performances:

  1. Fhír a Bhata (The Boatman)
  2. Green Grow the Laurels both from the BBC World Service programme “Folk Song Cellar”, rec. December 2, 1966, bc. January 11, 1967
  3. Who Knows Where the Time Goes? from Sandy Denny and the Strawbs: All Our Own Work
  4. Bob Dylan: Maggie’s Farm TV performance
  5. Time Will Show the Wiser Fairport Convention on French TV programme “Baton Rouge”, April 27, 1968
  6. Meet on the Ledge
  7. Fotheringay both from Fairport Convention: What We Did on Our Holidays
  8. A Sailor’s Life from Fairport Convention: Unhalfbricking
  9. Matty Groves
  10. Come All Ye both from Fairport Convention: Liege and Lief
  11. Too Much of Nothing
  12. Gypsy Davey both Fotheringay live performances from Radio Bremen TV programme “Beat-Club” #61, November 28, 1970
  13. The Battle of Evermore from Led Zeppelin: IV
  14. Crazy Lady Blues
  15. Late November
  16. The North Star Grassman and the Ravens all three from the BBC TV programme “One in Ten: Sandy Denny”, rec. September 15, 1971
  17. It’ll Take a Long Time from Sandy
  18. Down in the Flood from Fairport Convention: Fairport Live Convention
  19. Like an Old Fashioned Waltz
  20. Solo both Fairport Convention live at Birmingham University 1974 (video)
  21. Stranger to Himself from Fairport Convention: Rising for the Moon
  22. No More Sad Refrains
  23. I’m a Dreamer both from Gold Dust