The Collection: Chronological Covers & Concert Classics

The Collection: Chronological Covers & Concert Classics

A collection aimed to showcase Sandy’s interpretive abilities in traditional and contemporary material. A few self-penned tracks from Gold Dust: Live at the Royalty round off the compilation.

Artists: Sandy Denny
Released: October 2004 (UK)
Recorded: 1970 / 1971 / 1977 / 1973 / 1998 / 1976
Recorded at: Island Studios, London
Royalty Theatre, London
Sound Techniques, London

Length: 69:46
Label: Spectrum
Producer: Sandy Denny
Richard Thompson
John Wood
Trevor Lucas
Jerry Donahue
Jerry Boys
Joe Boyd

Executive Producer (Restoration): Trevor Wyatt
Arranger: Sandy Denny
Trevor Lucas

String Arrangement: Harry Robinson
Brass Arrangement: Bob Leaper
Silver Band Arrangement: Robert Kirby
Recorded By: John Wood
Engineer: John Wood
Jerry Boys
Tod Lloyd
Trevor Lucas

Assistant Engineer: Dave Jordan
Mastering: Donal Whelan

  1. Two Weeks Last Summer (Dave Cousins) – 3:31
  2. Banks of the Nile (Traditional) – 8:09
  3. Gypsy Davey (Traditional) – 3:25
  4. Down in the Flood (Bob Dylan) – 3:20
  5. Let’s Jump the Broomstick (Charles Robins) – 2:42
  6. Blackwaterside (Traditional) – 4:07
  7. Tomorrow Is a Long Time (live) (Bob Dylan) – 3:57
  8. The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood (Richard FariƱa, Traditional) – 4:28
  9. Whispering Grass (Doris Fisher, Fred Fisher) – 3:56
  10. Until the Real Thing Comes Along (Alberta Nichols, L.E. Freeman, Mann Holiner, Sammy Cahn, Saul Chaplin) – 3:40
  11. I Wish I Was a Fool for You (For Shame of Doing Wrong) (live) (Richard Thompson) – 4:32
  12. Candle in the Wind (Bernie Taupin, Elton John) – 4:08
  13. Silver Threads and Golden Needles (Dick Reynolds, Jack Rhodes) – 3:40
  14. Solo (live) (Sandy Denny) – 4:46
  15. John the Gun (live) (Sandy Denny) – 4:47
  16. Who Knows Where the Times Goes? (live) (Sandy Denny) – 6:38

Alan Skidmore: saxophone
Billie Livesey: piano
Bob Weston: electric guitar
Chris Leslie: backing vocals
Danny Thompson: double bass
Dave Mattacks: drums, brushes
Dave Pegg: bass
Dave Swarbrick: violin
Diz Disley: acoustic guitar
Gallagher and Lyle: backing vocals
Gerry Conway: drums
Ian Armit: piano
Ian Whiteman: piano
Jerry Donahue: electric guitar
John Bundrick: piano
Pat Donaldson: bass
Pete Wilshire: pedal steel guitar
Richard Thompson: accordion, electric guitar, vocals
Rob Hendry : acoustic guitar
Roger Powell: drums
Sandy Denny: vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, 12-string
Simon Nicol: backing vocals
The Ladybirds: backing vocals
Timi Donald: drums
Tony Reeves: bass
Trevor Lucas: acoustic guitar, tambourine, backing vocals, electric guitar