The original UK and US editions of the album were released in the gatefold format which featured a colour live photograph of the group taken by Tony Evans at the soundcheck to the bands gig at the Royal Festival Hall London, on 30th March 1970.

The cover and reverse were illustrated by Marion Appelton who was Trevor Lucas’ sister. The cover depicts the band in tudor style dress tying in with the bands name and it’s connection to Mary Queen of Scots. The reverse had a heraldic shield with the names of the group members on it.

Released:01 June 1970 (UK)
Recorded at:Sound Techniques, London
Label:Island Records Ltd.
Producer:Joe Boyd
Arranger:Sandy Denny
Trevor Lucas

Engineer:Tod Lloyd
Jerry Boys

All songs written by Sandy Denny except where noted.
Side A

  1. Nothing More – 4:35
  2. The Sea – 5:32
  3. The Ballad of Ned Kelly (Trevor Lucas) – 3:31
  4. Winter Winds – 2:10
  5. Peace in the End (Sandy Denny, Trevor Lucas) – 4:02

Side B

  1. The Way I Feel (Gordon Lightfoot) – 4:44
  2. The Pond and the Stream – 3:18
  3. Too Much of Nothing (Bob Dylan) – 3:52
  4. Banks of the Nile (Traditional) – 8:09

Gerry Conway: drums, backing vocals
Jerry Donahue: electric guitar, backing vocals
Linda Thompson: backing vocals
Pat Donaldson: bass, backing vocals
Sandy Denny: vocals, piano, backing vocals, acoustic guitar
Tod Lloyd: backing vocals
Trevor Lucas: acoustic guitar, vocals, electric guitar