Essen 1970

Essen 1970

This special performance by Fotheringay was recorded at Grugahalle in Essen, Germany, on October 23rd 1970, as part of a large indoor festival that included many notable bands such as Supertramp, T. Rex, and Kraftwerk to name a few. This recording stands out as one of the best live performances ever captured of this short-lived but amazing band.

Sleeve notes by Sandy Denny expert Philip Ward.

Released:2011 (Germany)
Recorded at:Grugahalle, Essen
Label:Garden of Delights
Executive Producer (Restoration):Jerry Donahue
Artwork:Andrew Batt (design)
Linda Fitzgerald-Moore (photographer)
Astrid Grolla (design)

  1. Eppie Moray (Traditional) – 5:02
  2. The Sea (Sandy Denny) – 6:06
  3. The Ballad of Ned Kelly (Trevor Lucas) – 3:22
  4. Gypsy Davey (Traditional) – 3:35
  5. Too Much of Nothing (Bob Dylan) – 3:28
  6. Nothing More (Sandy Denny) – 4:35
  7. The Way I Feel (Gordon Lightfoot) – 5:06
  8. John the Gun (Sandy Denny) – 5:28
  9. Memphis Tennessee (Chuck Berry) – 4:08

Gerry Conway: drums
Jerry Donahue: electric guitar
Pat Donaldson: bass
Sandy Denny: vocals, piano, backing vocals, acoustic guitar
Trevor Lucas: vocals, acoustic guitar, backing vocals