Melody Maker review – Rendezvous
1st May 1977

Sandy pulls it off. This is the album we have been waiting for since Sandy left Fairport for the second time at the end of 1975. Over six months ago there were rumours that she had produced something rather remarkable, but as the months went by and a projected tour failed to materialise, one began to wonder if the happily pregnant lady wasn’t about to settle down to domesticity for a while. Read full article

Sandy Denny at The Howff
15th September 1973

THE AUDIENCE looks a little warmer, younger and hairier tonight than the customary Howff fringe-theatre crowd who usually yap in cultured Hampstead tones through musical ‘turns’. But tonight the whole evening has been set aside for paying respects to Sandy Denny as she returns to do her first London club gig since longer than most can remember. Read full article

Sandy: One of our greatest vocal talents
15th September 1973

IN ONE of her now rare concert appearances in Britain, Sandy Denny came to the Howff last week and proved in just over an hour that she really is one of today’s greatest vocal talents. She has complete and utter control over her strong if sometimes strange voice and at times, when seated at the piano, she sounded just a little like a female Gilbert O’Sullivan. Read full article

Sandy can do no wrong…
8th September 1973

Sandy, from here on you can do no wrong as far as I am concerned. On Monday at London’s Howff you did what I’ve always known you could do. You gave a completely flawless performance in which every single song was a minor masterpiece – no, I withdraw that word minor – and you did it completely on your own. Read full article

Sandy Denny’s moment of truth
5th September 1973

By the time Sandy Denny, the young English singer, ended her concert at the Howff, Regent’s Park Road, in the early hours of yesterday, she had created an occasion which lovers of good contemporary songs, beautifully sung, will long remember and cherish. It was one of those happenings that critics dream of but rarely experience, when a good but hitherto erratic singer suddenly takes off, carrying her audience with her, on the kind of trip that singing is really all about. It was, in fact, Sandy Denny’s moment of truth. Read full article

The haunting beauty of Sandy Denny
4th September 1973

A WOMAN alone. Herself, a piano – whatever spell they can weave. It is the hardest task of any entertainer. It means a fragile dependence upon the quality of each and every song. In concert, each phrase must balance, each note must tell, each crescendo must stun. There can be no skulking behind a heavy bass section, no lagging in the chorus. There is a raw point of utter solitude from which a woman soloist must perform. Read full article

Rolling Stone Review – Sandy
1st December 1972

If there is any aesthetic justice amid the turmoil of today’s music scene, this magnificently produced solo album from one of England’s most popular singer/songwriters should put Sandy Denny over the top in the States. Ex-member of Fairport Convention, among numerous associations in the English folk community, her reputation here still rests as much upon her having written “Who Knows Where the Time Goes” as upon any other single achievement. Last year, A&M released a fine solo album, The North Star Grassman and the Ravens, which didn’t get anywhere. Hopefully, the fate of “Sandy” will be different, because if this can’t do it for her, nothing can. Read full article