Sandy Fights Back
12th November 1977

“If I have to sing Matty Groves one more time, I’ll throw myself out of a window… I’ll be doing a lot of stuff from my early albums, but one of them will NOT be Matty Groves. Or Tam Lin. There, you can write that down.” Read full article

Sandy Denny pregnant
16th July 1977

Sandy Denny looked radiant. Yes, one is always supposed to say that about ladies when they’re pregnant, but in this case it was true. She lounged back, relaxed and ebullient, on the over-stuffed sofa of the Northamptonshire cottage where she lives with her husband, Trevor Lucas. Read full article

Softie Sandy
15th September 1973
Softie Sandy

ALL IN ALL, it’s been a funny sort of year for Sandy Denny. She hadn’t performed in this country before last Christmas though she’s worked in America a number of times and played a couple of gigs in Spain. Read full article

Sandy Denny in the Talk-In
8th September 1973
Sandy Denny in the Talk-In

Sandy Denny and Trevor Lucas were at their Fulham flat watching the test match when I arrived to tape the talk-in. England’s terrible plight was temporarily averted as the TV was switched off and the tape recorder, blaring the skeleton of Sandy’s new album (produced by Trevor), was turned on. Read full article

The “Tomorrow’s People” Interview
1st January 1972

Q: Sandy Denny, how did your singing career start, was it something you drifted into or was it something planned and deliberate? Read full article

Sandy Solo Star
10th September 1971

The oddest, most important lady in the British music business. Once her music is mentioned, she begins to tense up. She’s defensive, she admits that she’s playing for time and is frightened of giving anything away. Read full article

Why Sandy Wants to Fly
15th May 1971
Why Sandy Wants to Fly

“I wish I could fly, ” says Sandy Denny. “I dream about it. It’s a bit Freudian…but I have this vision of my body flying around a mountain and not wanting to actually land on top of it. Better to detach oneself from it and fly around looking at the mountain from all aspects. Landing on it would be too obvious.” When you have recovered from realising that she means it, and that it’s part of her serious philosophy of life, it makes some sense. Read full article

Fotheringay, the Sea and Sandy Denny
27th June 1970
Fotheringay, the Sea and Sandy Denny

A few months ago Fotheringay was a pretty name for a group of musicians who happened to play together. Today it is the name of a band. Read full article